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 Buster Blade

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PostSubject: Buster Blade   Mon May 30, 2011 3:52 pm

A buster blade measures 84 inches in length and requires a strength of 20 in order to be weld two-handed by a medium-size creature, with an increase or decrease in size changing the strength requirement by 2 for each increment. A medium-size creature attempting to wield the buster blade two-handed suffers a -4 to attack rolls, while a large-size creature may wield it with one hand at the same penalty. A medium-size creature cannot wield the buster blade one-handed.

Due to its immense size, drawing and sheathing the blade requires a full-round action, as the sheath must be removed from the creature before drawing. This penalty can be avoided if the creature has the sheath at the ready; however, doing so causes a -10 to all Str and Dex skill checks.

Holding the blade as a readied action provides a +2 to Intimidation checks.

Multi Blade variant:

This version of the buster blade is a composite of six smaller swords that combine into an enormous blade; the core sword is the equivalent of a longsword, three are similar to a short sword, one is a punching dagger, and the final is a dagger.

Each blade may be enchanted separately and the affects stack once the sword is completed, though in order for the final version to be considered a masterwork weapon, each section must be made to masterwork quality.

Assembling each component requires a Craft (weapons) check (DC 15) and takes a full round action, along with a Concentration check (DC 10 + 5 for each enemy within 10 ft).

As a full-round action, the buster sword may be triggered to send the components flying up to 20' in each direction from the wielder. Each weapon piece must make individual attack rolls, while the core greatsword stays within the wielders grasp.

Exotic Two-Handed Melee
Critical 20/x3
Range 5'
Type Slashing
Damage 3d6
Weight 40 / 60 lbs
Cost 300 / 800 gold
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Buster Blade
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