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 Session 1: Trouble on the Roads

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PostSubject: Session 1: Trouble on the Roads   Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:18 pm

From the report documentation of Captain letoshek:

25th day of the Fading

In an attempt to bolster our militia numbers, we will be holding an audition of sorts in order to recruit commoners into the ranks. It just so happens that we have an issue on the roadways leading to Bellagard that could need their assistance, so we held a meeting to determine who would be desperate enough to through themselves to the wolves...Literally. Half-men and half-wolf creatures have been attacking caravans during the night and our efforts thus far have shown no results. Hopefully this plan will change things.

After the few dozen folks who showed up to the Legendary Horse, only six were brave enough to take on the task of acting as decoys for the wolves. From what I heard of officer Ginbin's report (who happened to be the only one of my men to survive the onslaught), four of the commoners showed great potential in their efforts to defend not only themselves, but each other as well. His report went as follows:

We were ambushed approximately two hours north of Amberstone. The creatures were spotted among the treeline and we had enough time to set ourselves in a defensive posture. There were five of these creatures (later on to be found out as common men, potentially under the orders of Bryman) that attacked the caravans. The officers did their best, however they were outmatched by the attackers. The commoner known as Fenris (a wolf-man) was able to neutralize two of the bandits, while I was able to dispatch of another. The rest fled, however we were able to take one into custody. We returned to Amberstone immediately.

The outcome of these events poses and interesting quandary: Are these supposed common folk capable of more than simply standing guard and checking identifications? We shall see what the future holds for these four; however, in the meantime questions need to be answered.
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Session 1: Trouble on the Roads
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