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 Autakalina Bromhaven, Follower of the Faith

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PostSubject: Autakalina Bromhaven, Follower of the Faith   Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:54 am

My parents were the highest of the mages. They were powerful magic users but were sparse with their use, I am older now and I am hazy on my younger years. I rememember the teachings of the goddess, I remember the hum of the arcane and the smell of their shop. The memories are meer snippets of what they could have been.

I vaguely remember the love they had for me and my brothers, I remember the twins powerful weilders of the forceful arcane, their twin smiles wicked. Everything else is just a story some one has told me. A painting here and a sketch there.
I don't remember how I ended up on the streets fighting for my dinner, a child of the streets and a disgrace to the elven race. The church took me in and gave me a purpose. The teachings gave me a purpose, they tempered and heated my steel, my soul had purpose.

Living on the streets I learned to meld into the shadows, I could hide in the nooks and crannies of an alley way. I had to be quick and be cloaked in darkness. The way the church found me was when I stole from them. I was hungry, I was always hungry then, I had snuck in during the holy hour and saw the most glorious lay out of food. Cakes and cookies, sticky puddings, goblets of juices finer than wine, my mouth currently waters thinking of the glories the cook Saranah creates. I snuck in quite as a mouse and grabbed everything my dirty fingers could touch. I could eat for a month off of the food cradled in my arms, when the cold of the blade caressed my cheek like a lover.

The Luinbrom took me in and taught my all that I know and cherish, she told me the ways of the Banríon. Luin taught me all she knew of my parents having grown up in the same village as me and being a half elf she had a longer life and the elven memory.
I quickly rose in my studies and was praised but still not allowed to practise my craft until I accepted the Brom Banríon into my heart. A month before my 98th birthday I had a eureka moment. My studies increased and I was renamed Bromhaven. I was branded with our mark of followers and sent into the world to live out my mission.

As always the first is always the hardest. My namhaid was stout in his beliefs and would not bow to Banrion's will. The blade that was my heart struck his belief down and she engulfed him and welcomed him into the fold. He felt the lovers caress as I did before, he however succumbed to it.

Many more fell to my touch and the Banrion's will, several namhaids were welcomed into the fold. Luin continued to give me smaller tasks and I took them greedily as I did the food from the table of the followers so many years before. These were mere crumbs and I wanted a full meal.

I became addicted to the chase as we all do and more so to the maraigh. The banter and foreplay leading up to the final ritual. It all became a haze. When I finally stumbled home I was given that banquet of my dream. I am now on my quest, on what we call meetima promhadh. If I pass this test I will become a worshiper and I can take on an apprentice much like Luin took on me.
I am on my way to Amberstone to start the first steps of my meetima promhadh, if I fail it will bring more shame....I will not shame Luin.
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World Shaper
World Shaper

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PostSubject: Re: Autakalina Bromhaven, Follower of the Faith   Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:22 pm

Autakalina Bromhaven
February 25, 2011 - August 18, 2011
May she sit by the Raven Queen
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Autakalina Bromhaven, Follower of the Faith
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