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 Session 7: Stand-Off

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PostSubject: Session 7: Stand-Off   Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:14 pm

They traveled through the day and into the night, not realizing that they were being tracked by the ogrun bloodhound. He, in turn, not realizing that I was following him. The plan was to follow them until they met up with whomever they were traveling with, however the ogrun put an end to that. The group settled down and began rummaging through their belongings, eventually realizing their position and began to double back. However moments later a second bloodhound came from our opposite direction and began to engage them.

Strangely enough, it appeared to either be incorporeal or some type of figment image. After a few moments of futile combat, the true bloodhound (probably not being able to see the ruse and thinking that another tracker was stealing his prey) rushed towards the group, completely destroying his cover, though how he was able to keep such silence on such an enormous mount was truly impressive. At first he was holding his own, however his lack of expertise against groups began to show when he could not control his mount well enough to focus on a specific target. Instead it swung wildly while the ogrun held on with all his skill, that is until his mount fell. At that moment I decided to spare him the suffering and sent the swarm in.

They collapsed onto the hunk of flesh and feasted, though once bloodhound and his companion were sufficiently devoured they began to collect the group and the princess. They scrambled in a panic, still managing to impressively dispatch of several minions, until finally I felt that the time to end this had come. I rode in announcing myself and these creatures completely dropped their guard, trusting every word that I spoke. Foolish. The only one still on her guard was the barbaric human girl who had already dispatched of the elven slave (who to be fair, had attacked first after seeing that my appearance had signaled the end of her mission) and had now taken hold of the princess. Figuring that her death would end things and set them free, she ran her blade across the child's throat, turning her from my goal and into the cause of the House of Jil'Jesshc.

A short game of tag with their archer (ending with my blade through his chest) and then a small tiff with the girl (a well deserved death for her) lead me to a short discussion with the gnome. He would be the mouthpiece that would spread the word of the princess' death and ultimately begin the downfall to the house of Inlindl. Until then...I am free.
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Session 7: Stand-Off
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