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 Worldshaker Hammer

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PostSubject: Worldshaker Hammer   Worldshaker Hammer EmptyThu Jan 06, 2011 12:25 am

The WorldShaker is a large hammer packed with three gunpowder charges. As a standard action, you can expend one of the charges as you make an attack. If the attack hits, it deals its normal damage as well as 2d12 additional fire damage. The loading mechanism requires a standard action and Craft (cannoneer or demolitions) check (DC 16) to disengage and the re-engage, as well as a standard action and Craft (cannoneer or demolitions) check (DC 16) to load each charge. Each charge costs 5 gold.

As a full round action, you can slam the WorldShaker to the ground, dealing damage to all around you. This attack deals 1d12 fire damage to those within 5ft of the wielder and may make a Reflex Save (DC is 10 plus half the characters Attack Bonus).

Martial Two-Handed Melee
Critical x3
Reach 5'
Damage 1d12
Weight 20 lbs
Cost 200 gold
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Worldshaker Hammer
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