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 Session 8: Back to the Village

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PostSubject: Session 8: Back to the Village   Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:02 pm

After a cold nights rest is a damp cave the adventures set off down the discovered tunnel. It was well over three hours of wading through almost a foot of water until they finally came to an opening, if you could call it that. The Paladin and Drow found themselves standing on the edge of an underground pool. Above them the ceiling domed, with a small hole dripping water into the middle while sunshine poured through. Looking down, the water glissened in the light.

The group gathered on the water's edge staring down, though suddenly the Druid and Drow dove in. They began swimming, and kept doing so until they reached the bottom. Both reached out for the treasures, grabbing onto a single object. The Drow managed to pull it from the Druid and they began to swim to the surface. Watching from above though, the Paladin and Cleric saw that they soon stopped moving.

Both dove in to rescue them. The Cleric grabbed both of them and slipped a ring on his finger, throwing himself to the surface, however he was unable to hold onto the Drow. The Paladin grabbed her and swam up after the other two. They reached the surface and managed to resuccitate both the Drow and Druid. The Druid woke up easily, however the Drow seemed to be incapacitated at that time. So, the Cleric went into her bag and took the immovable rod and the rope, flew up through the hole and tied it off as they did before. Afterwards, they were able to wake up the Drow.

Each of them swam to the middle of the pond and began to climb the rope to the surface. Taking their time, they eventually made it out and into the sun once again. They noticed that the stream that emptied into the hole, feeding the grotto, ran north in the direction of the village they thought they were saving. The party took a short rest and then began to make their way up the stream.

When the village was in view, the Drow immediately ran around and out of sight, while the Druid flew ahead to scout. The Paladin, Cleric and Wizard hung back until the Druid returned with her sightings. Everything seemed normal and they were going about, business as usual. The Cleric and Paladin decided to confront the village, so the duo started to make their way towards the people. A child yelped and ran towards the rest of them, and alerted Marc, the same person they had spoken to before and who had told them about their troubles. He turned and threw a worried and then menacing look at the two of them.

"What are you doing? You were supposed to die!" He kept repeating.

The Paladin tried to get information from them, however the villagers seemed to obsessed with what was in the hole to worry about telling them why. All they could get was that they were under some sort of curse and that they were "now all doomed" because of it. When Marc said "That's enough" and the group started walking towards them, the Wizard felt that this would be as good a time as any: Just as the Paladin was drawing his trident, the villagers suddenly went wide-eyed and began looking around. Looking to their left and right, the Paladin and Cleric soon realized that they couldn't see each other, in fact they were both invisible. After a matter of moments the Drow came running by them and a bunch of villagers in the back of the gang began to yell "fire!" Looking over them they were right, the group could see that a few of the buildings were indeed on fire. The Paladin whistled and could hear his horse braying. The two made their way to the stables and set their mounts free, making their way towards the rest of the party. The Druid began flying south while the Drow and Wizard saddled up with the others. The whole group rode along the stream and then began to head east again into the woods. After several hours of travel they decided to set up camp in a small clearing for the night.
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Session 8: Back to the Village
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