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 Osh'kazil, the Deadliest Arenas

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PostSubject: Osh'kazil, the Deadliest Arenas   Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:00 am

Tucked away in the arm of the Breach along the boarders of Errdegress and the Drow, a group of warriors turned slave traders (in this age of hunted races) have set up a society that has allowed them to prevail through these harsher times. Many years ago, Osh'Kazil was a training group for the ogre clan Ragerock and where many young warriors would begin their om'riggor, or rite of passage. During the War of Many, when the ogre clans united against the hobgoblins and orcs, the arenas became a training and staging ground for the forthcoming invasion.

After the war and the ogre's retreat into the woods west of the Vale, the arenas sat vacant for many years, that is until the slave trade became something of a specialty for the ogres of the Broken Blade. In war times they were a small clan specializing in behind-the-lines assassinations and one of the only clans that had delved into art of the magi. Now they hunt down humans, elves, goblins, and various other races who are too spread out to successfully defend themselves, selling them to other races in need to cheap labor, or turning them over to the Drow for favor of the Queen.

Like many of the ogre society, eventually the Broken Blade looked for more ways to make a profit off of their stock; this came in the form of the rebuilding of the arenas. Here some of the market would be thrown in with captured creatures (and sometimes other slaves) for the amusement and wagering of travelers and warriors. Those that could last more than a few weeks would be given some training and used as special events and sacrifices to Rog'dar (thought of as a noble death amongst the ogres). Currently the arena can hold upwards of one-hundred and twenty slaves while keeping nearly fifty guards, trackers, and magi to keep the lambs in line. A gated wall now surrounds the grounds after a rash of robberies (not stealing gold or goods but slaves), keeping not only unwanted visitors out but provides an additional means to keep product in.

During trading season you can see the camp fires for miles as the traders, scavengers, and mercenaries buy and sell goods (not just slaves, though including them). However the colder season finds these parties traveling south and east of the Vale, following the migration of the caravans and nomads.
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Osh'kazil, the Deadliest Arenas
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