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 Session 5: Tracking the Pack

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PostSubject: Session 5: Tracking the Pack   Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:34 pm

The group has begun to wander from the enclosure and are traveling through the woods.

"We'll wait to send the trackers out until they have tired themselves out."

There is a howling sound. They are not alone.

"Can you see what is with them?"

No. The elf is making her way further in while the group stays behind. There is another ahead. She waves though he does not respond. It appears to be undead.

"Undead? It appears that the Eyes have wandered closer than we thought. Not good."

It has attacked her. She is running though it now appears to have her scent. The howl is returned. They are being followed now. The undead catches up to the group. It is no match. The girl has killed it.

"I knew there was potential in that one. Perhaps still so...Where are the others?"

Only one remains. The undead killed the other. The group is heading towards him now. Appears that he is not alone. A child. Drow."

"A Drow child? But what is one doing out of the Crater, let alone by itself?"

I have no answer. They are approaching him now. He is calmed. The smallest one waves his hands. The child falls from the tree asleep. I will perch closer to hear...

Words unknown. The girl strikes the elf and steals the child. She holds it though does not attack anymore. They awake the elf and she joins back with the drow. "Leverage...Heaven Behind the Wall...Caravan."

"Ah. So they appear to be attempting to travel east. And they may not be alone for long."

The smallest is now talking with the elf. "Castle...Drow Princess...Inlindl" the small one says.

"This cannot be! Do they have the Spider Princess in their hands?"

Unknown. They appear to be setting camp.

"Stay within range, do not return yet. Awake me when they begin to move again."

Several hours later... They have broken down camp and beginning to travel again.

With a yawn, "Right....right. Follow them."

Understood. They are traveling north...north-east.

"Back towards the roadway? How strange."

They have stopped. A large group of bodies. More undead.

"...The Eye rests. Continue."

They are continuing on....They have made it back onto the path."

"Keep high. Hopefully you will be out of their sight."


They have spotted me.

"How can you tell?"

They have shot at me.

"Enough. Come back and we shall track them on foot. You know what direction they are traveling?"

They have taken back to the woods. They are still traveling east.

"Good enough."
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Session 5: Tracking the Pack
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