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 House of Destiny

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PostSubject: House of Destiny   Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:50 pm

The tide of power within the Drow does not ebb and flow smoothly by any means. Power is very rarely passed down through inheritance after a peaceful death due to old age. More than often the current crown is brutally assassinated (the more public the better, as well) and taken by the family who either committed the murder or commissioned it. The family of Inlindl has been different though. The thrown has been occupied by two daughters, and is currently sat upon by a third.

The Spider Queen of the Inlindl family, Dahlaril de'Kaellara (choosing to drop her house name), took the thrown after her own mother (who had cast her off at birth) died while in pursuit of the crown. Once reaching the age of maturity and taking her name, she immediately set her plot against the queen in motion, first assassinating two other house leaders who had been eying the thrown for years now (though the others did not want to make their move while the nation was in it's weakened state). Less than a year after taking power, she lead the attack on the humans and took control of Vlos'Eairthil to put the Drow as the ruling nation. However, during an attempted assault on the dwarves, Dahlaril was ambushed during a blitz defense and killed.

Dosmana Inlindl, at her mother's side during her death on the battlefield, took charge of the legion and led them in a retreat of the dwarf city. In taking control of the army (though she denied leading the retreat, instead blaming that on her own mother) she immediately had a foothold on the thrown. Though she did encounter some resistance, the soldiers of Cinlu were at her side and halted any attacks on their general's life. Soon enough, Dosmana became the second of the Inlindl clan to sit upon the thrown.

After nearly a century of bearing the weight of the crown and keeping the Drow in power over those inhabiting Vlos'eairthil, Dosmana had her rule ended. An assassin hired by a feuding house was able to bypass her protection, now lax from the years of peace, and take her life. The Mistress of house Ran'Oreb sat upon the thrown for a total of one day and three hours, for (before the sun rose the following day) the third daughter of Inlindl would funnel the power of Lloth through her.

Quar'Valsharess Inlindl, a Daughter of Lloth who (up until this moment) had devoted her life to the servitude of the Spider Goddess. Hearing of the assassination of her sister and that it had been at the hand of the Ran'Oreb house, her instincts took over and the training that had been ingrained into her before taking up the vow of a priestess led her to the footsteps of the palace. The boiling blood of the Inlindl ancestry allowed her to take the lives of the entire staff before bringing the Queen herself out of the gates and taking her head in the middle of the plaza.

Queen Valsharess has overlooked the city for just over fifty years now, and is in turn culling her daughter to one day take her place in the lineage as the one and true ruling house of Vlos'eairthil. Destiny Is Fated.
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House of Destiny
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