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 Rachelle Goode, the Lioness

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PostSubject: Rachelle Goode, the Lioness   Rachelle Goode, the Lioness EmptyWed Nov 10, 2010 1:27 pm

As the humans became more and more displaced their spirit and will became hardened with fear and anger. Some used this determination of survival to seek out a new home, a safer home (Heaven), while some used it to free themselves and salvage what peace they could. Even fewer though, used this abscessed anger to fight back and take charge of what once their peoples. They have no name and no designated leader, however when you see the blood red band you know that they are either heading away from death or on their way to it. It is your choice to follow or stay out of the way.

One of the group leaders (who call themselves Generals) is a woman by the name of Rachelle Goode. Named after her great-great-great grandfather, who diverged from the Resistance when he believed the humans should be taking a more active hold over their freedom, she is the daughter of Samantha and Maxwell Goode; former General. From a very young age she was trained in the martial arts, along with subversive tactics and any Drow tactics that they had witnessed and collected over the years. From the start, she was bred to become their leader, as the blood of the lion ran through her. True to form, after her father's death she took hold of the sword that had been passed down through the generations, the Lion's Blade. This signified her dominance in command and skill, while also proving her pure lineage and bloodline.

For a few years she led the group in a mirror image of her father; stalking small groups of Drow raiding parties and turning camps and villages into ash. That is until her mother died, just three years after her father. After that Rachelle had no more personal ties to this plane and lost all sense of self-preservation. She soon began leading her group closer and closer to the main Drow settlements as they raided villages and towns, and occasionally even small cities, taking temporary hostages, only to turn them into public signs of their presence within the world.

After only a year, these acts they began to garner attention from all around Vlos'Eairthil; from humans and Drow alike, though for completely differing reasons. Humans started seeking out this Lion's Pride (so they were named by those passing down the legend) to either share information about the dark elves and their allies (the Resistance was good for this. Though they never picked up a sword to help their cause, they were not above giving others the tools to do so), while others wished to join in the crusade to take back the land. Soon enough the group grew beyond something that could be easily concealed, reaching well over a hundred. At this point Rachelle made a decision; they would finally mobilize and make a strategic effort to free not only themselves, but the entire land from the control of the Drow.

Now the rebellious group is made up of several smaller clans that all fly under the banner of the Lion. Each group has their own commander though they all answer to General Goode, the Lioness. A messenger is sent from each group at set intervals in time to coordinate their movements, however that is the only contact they have with each other. Even then, each messenger only learns of the position of two or three others just in case he is compromised. The Pride still maintains their disruptive stance and continues to leave in their wake the sigils; signs that they have been and that no allies of the dark elves shall return.
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Rachelle Goode, the Lioness
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