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 Session 4: Escape from the Pens

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PostSubject: Session 4: Escape from the Pens   Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:03 am

Report found within a caravan, pieced together from individual notes

318: We have selected the replacements. Studying their routines and shifts, along with them personally. Will continue observation until prevalent time for interception.

327: Infiltrated guard regiment. Myself, Knobb, and Knuck have taken our positions and are awaiting the arrival of the next slave grouping.

329: The newest grouping has arrived sooner than predicted. Individual counts will follow.

330: Human - 18 Elf - 8 Lizard - 4 Orc - 13 Trogg - 2 Gnome - 1 Goblin - 2

341: Our calculations have shown to be slightly off. Our garrison has been moved to the exterior patrol temporarily until training has been completed. However, it appears that our next station will be alongside what they call the "Magi". Hopefully this will prove to be more helpful.

347: Have taken new positions. We are to escort Magi and inspect the surviving slaves. This will provide more detailed information for the hopeful refugees.

351: We have selected the ones who we believe will be able to survive the trip. A group of 14 have been chosen. Gloomy numbers for the original 48, however such are the spoils of the arena we have found. Knobb has question about one, a female human, who has shown symptoms of the ring taking affect on her well-being (as some in the past have) however I feel that the treatment for such affects are sufficiently being finalized.

355: Finalization of the scrolls has been successful. We must move swiftly seeing how the half moon will take place tomorrow, signaling the final descent into the sacrifices.

357: We will be making the switch this night and hopefully will be able to meet up with you before dawn's break. Please prepare provisions for the following: 7 humans (one female), five elves (one female), and a gnome.

357: Situation escalated. Escape tonight. Please verify.
Part of the group has been sent to a display. Interception cannot be made until afterwards. Group will be lessened. Positive note; half of group has been condensed so retrieval will be quicker than expected. Equipment for all members has been collected and what personal items could be found have been added. Escape will be made between the midnight shifts as the caverns will be emptied.

358: Group has been lessened once more. During the escape, though the gnome seemed useful in dispatching of (though not killing) the forward guards, some of the humans panicked and rose the alarm. One had to be left behind. We were not able to escape with the slaves to escort them to the position. They have been pointed the in the appropriate direction and hopefully you have gotten the message of the earlier arrival of the group. We have not yet recieved confirmation. Please respond when able.
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Session 4: Escape from the Pens
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