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PostSubject: The Resistance!   The Resistance! EmptyTue Oct 26, 2010 5:55 pm

For generations humans have been hunted due to the worry that they would revolt against the Drow and attempt to take over Vlos’Eairthil, however now it has been turned into sport. The human race has been turned into a game animal. True there are groups, such as the Fang of Lloth, that are dedicated to the pure eradication of the race, though even a group such as that has their fun with the sport of the hunt. Now there is a group of the lesser races that have begun to revolt against the Drow and help to bring the humans and elves back from the brink of extinction.

Led by a small group of fighters, two halfling brothers along with a half-elf and goblin, they specialize in infiltrating the hobgoblin, ogre, and even occasionally Drow villages and towns and releasing whatever slaves may be held inside. Most of their actions are covert rather than overt attacks, only because their numbers aren’t great and their size is relatively small. They lack the power that most of the combined prevailing races possess, though they own their enemies with wit and charm.

The Revolution, as they have been known by, does not have a centralized hub or camp though they have set up small and scattered checkpoints used to shuffle the caravans from one to the next. Ultimately, the goal of the Revolution is to move all humans, elves, gnomes, halflings, dwarves (if they were to ever come across any), orcs and goblins (if they would assist rather than fight) beyond the Wall and into Heaven. They have no true plan of where to go or how to get there, but at least they know (or at least think they know) where they will finally be safe from the persecution of the Drow and their allies.
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The Resistance!
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