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 Class: Life Mage (3.5)

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World Shaper
World Shaper

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PostSubject: Class: Life Mage (3.5)   Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:44 pm

Born with the ability to harness energy though with no natural arcane power source of their own, life mages have developed a means to transform life force into incredible arcane power.

Their talents are much like a sorcerer’s in the fact that they do not need to study their magic, instead having the ability to bend and manipulate the energy freely. Where the need for willpower and self-restraint comes in is when the life mage learns to feed off of others to produce his spells. Knowing where the line is between need and greed is all part of the delicate balance of the life mage. Because of the secrecy of those who carry this responsibility the martial skills often times rival those of the arcane abilities, creating a dangerous mix of the spell and blade.

Adventurers: Adventuring is the one thing that keeps a life mage safe from those who may discover their power and themselves. They’re not well suited to lives of fame or infamy seeing that either would only bring them unwanted attention. Most are satisfied with moving from town to town, on the way learning how to tame their thirst and harness the energies.

While some embrace the inherent evil in their abilities, attempting to steal the powers of those more able than them, others seek out and drain those that would harm the weak and helpless instead.

Characteristics: Life mages feel the need to prove themselves as spellcasters. They train in martial combat in order to protect themselves and get closer to the life force that imbues their spells, though their limited means causes their abilities to be lacking when compared to a sorcerer or wizard. Life mages make up for their lack of versatility by being tougher and more resilient than most other casters.

Alignment: The nature of their abilities tends to lend well to the chaotic soul, though it is more how the life mage uses his talents that determines his position within the law.

Religion: Some life mages favor Boccob (god of magic), while others revere Wee Jas (goddess of death and magic). Some of the more martial gravitate to the worship of deities of law, honor, and justice, such as Heironeous and St. Cuthbert, while those of evil find the tyrannical teachings of Hextor acceptable.

Background: Life mages develop their powers at completely random times of life. At first their abilities are uncontrollable and often times dangerous, sometimes deadly. Towns or cities with a budding life mage are plagued with random and mysterious deaths. Eventually, the young life mage is either marked as cursed by the townsfolk or discovers his powers alone and can begin practicing and controlling them.

Life mages have no sort of constituency seeing how most are prone to keep their abilities hidden from those around them, instead attempting to pass themselves off as a more acceptable spellcaster or simply a martial warrior.

Races: Because of the random nature of the events that take place in creating a life mage, no race is particularly adept at it. However, the innate abilities of humans and elves lend themselves to be better controlled, while the tormented upbringing of most half-elves and half-orcs feeds into the core of the life mage’s abilities.

Other Classes: Life mages often hold sorcerers and wizards with both esteem and envy. He values the strength and resources that a fighter or barbarian provide as power sources, but rarely gets along with clerics or paladins due to their extremist views and zealot behavior. Of course, most life mages understand that it’s a bad idea to antagonize their comrades (especially those who hold the key to healing magic), and so they work out an uneasy truce with characters who otherwise might ostracize them.

Role: Life mages tend to play a role similar to that of a sorcerer of wizard. They are more limited in their spell selection than other spellcasters, though make up for the lack of damage with their martial abilities.

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World Shaper
World Shaper

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PostSubject: Re: Class: Life Mage (3.5)   Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:49 pm

Life Mages have the following game statistics:

Abilities: Wisdom determines how many spells a life mage can cast per day, how powerful those spells are and how hard they are to resist. Constitution and Dexterity are also very vital for the life mage’s survival during melee combat. Often they fit best in a group with another spellcaster, since his self-interested nature provide little use for his companions.

Alignment: Any.

Hit Die: d8

Class Skills

The life mage’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), and Tumble (Dex).

Skill Points at 1st Level: (4 + Int modifier) x 4.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the life mage.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Life mages are proficient with all martial weapons, as well as all armors and shields (except tower shields).

Spells: Beginning at 2nd level, a life mage gains the ability to cast a number of arcane spells. To cast a spell, a life mage must have a Wisdom score of at least 10 + the spell’s level, so a life mage with a Wisdom of 10 or lower cannot cast these spells. Life mage bonus spells are based on Wisdom, and saving throws against these spells have a DC of 10 + spell level + the life mage’s Wisdom bonus (if any). When the life mage gets 0 spells per day of a given spell level (for instance, 1st-level spells for a 2nd-level life mage), he gains only the bonus spells he would be entitled to based on his Wisdom score for that spell level.

Upon reaching 5th level, and at every subsequent odd-numbered level, you can choose to learn a new spell in place of one you already know. In effect, you lose access to the old spell in exchange for gaining the new one. The new spell’s level must be the same as that of the spell being exchanged. You can swap only a single spell at any given level and must choose whether or not to swap the spell at the same time that you gain new spells known for the level.

You need not prepare spells in advance. You can cast any spell you know at any time, assuming you have not yet used up your spells per day for that spell level.

Armored Mage (Ex): Normally, armor of any type interferes with an arcane spellcaster’s gestures, which can cause spells to fail if those spells have a somatic component. A life mage’s limited focus and nature ability, however, allows him to avoid arcane spell failure so long as he sticks to light armor and light shields. This training does not extend to medium or heavy armors, nor to heavy shields. This ability does not apply to spells gained from a different spellcasting class.

At 7th level, you learn to use medium armor with no chance of arcane spell failure.

Drain Life: The first ability a life mage learns is drain life. A life mage attacks his foes with drain life, stealing his enemies life force and eventually using it to imbue his own spells and abilities.

Drain life is a ray with a range of 5 feet. It starts as a melee touch attack that affects a single target, allowing no saving throw. Drain life deals 1d4 points of damage at 1st level and increases in power as the life mage rises in level. Drain life is the equivalent of a spell whose level is equal to one-half the life mage’s class level (round down), with a minimum spell level of 1st and a maximum of 9th when a life mage reaches 18th level or higher.

At 4th level, and every 4 thereafter, drain life becomes a ranged touch attack and the range increases by 5 ft (to a maximum of 30 ft).

Drain life is subject to spell resistance, although the Spell Penetration feat and other effects that improve caster level checks to overcome spell resistance also apply. Drain life deals no damage to objects. Metamagic feats cannot improve drain life (because it is a spell-like ability, not a spell).

Imbue: Starting at 2nd level, a life mage can turn the stolen life force against his enemies. As a minor action, the life mage can use drain life on himself and cast any spell of a level equal to the power of drain life (for example, a life mage of 2nd level only deals 1d4 points of damage using drain life so therefore can only cast 1st level spells, whereas a 5th level life mage’s drain life deals 2d4 points of damage so he can cast 2nd level spells, and so on).

Starting at 7th level, the life mage may choose to use drain from either himself or the closest creature within range, be it friend or foe.

Resurgence: A life mage can take the energy from another in order to heal himself. Starting at 6th level, once per day the life mage can cast drain life and, as a free action, gain hit points equal to half of the damage done (rounding down).

At 12th level, the life mage can cast resurgence twice per day, and up to three times at 18th level.

Mass Drain Life: At 9th level, a life mage can turn his drain life ability into an area of affect. As a full round action, the life mage can cast drain life on the closest creatures equal to half the life mage’s caster level (rounding down) that are within 15 ft.

At 18th level, the range of mass drain life doubles to 30 ft.

Improved Imbue: Starting at 10th level, a life mage may choose to cast a spell of lower level and increase the effect of that spell (for example, if drain life deals 3d4 points of damage, the life mage may choose to cast a 2nd level spell and add the remaining 1d4 to that spell’s effect).

Sacrifice: As a minor action, the life mage may choose to deal 1d10 points of damage to himself. Then as a free action, he may use the damage done as a bonus to either his next attack roll, damage roll, saving throw, ability check, or skill check. This affect lasts for one round.

Stamina Drain: At 13th level, a life mage may use his drain life to instead deal Con damage to his target and add it to his own. The affect lasts for one round per half the caster level (rounding down). This ability cannot be used on the same target more than once per day.

Resurrection: The life mage’s body and mind have now become so used to feeding off of other’s energy that the mind attempts to keep the body alive at any cost. Once per day, if the life mage were to drop below -9 hit points, 1d10 rounds after his death the life mage unwillingly casts resurgence on the nearest creature within 30 feet, though he gains the full damage rather than just half. If there are no targets within range, then the spell is cast anyway and the ability is lost.

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World Shaper
World Shaper

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PostSubject: Re: Class: Life Mage (3.5)   Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:51 pm

1st Level Life Mage Spells

Second Wind: Dispel fatigue, grant bonus on Constitution checks.
Ironguts: Subject gains +5 bonus on saving throws against poison.
Nightshield: You gain resistance bonus on saves, and spell absorbs magic missile damage.
Persistent Blade: Blade of force attacks subject, automatically fl anks.
Spirit Worm: Subject takes 1 point Con damage every round for 1 round/level.
Cutting Hand: Your hand gains a +2 enhancement bonus and deals 1d6 damage.
Mage Armor: Gives subject +4 armor bonus.
Chill Touch: One touch/level deals 1d6 damage and possibly 1 Str damage.

2nd Level Life Mage Spells
Body Blades: You gain spikes, harm grapplers.
Energized Shield, Lesser: Shield provides user resistance 5, shield bash deals +1d6 damage.
Infernal Wound: Weapon deals persistent, bleeding wounds.
Death Armor: Black aura damages creatures attacking you.
Zeal: You move through foes to attack the enemy you want.
Blur: Attacks miss subject 20% of the time.
Summon Undead I: Summons undead to fight for you.
Touch of Idiocy: Subject takes 1d6 points of Int, Wis, and Cha damage.

3rd Level Life Mage Spells
Spectral Weapon: Use quasi-real weapon to make touch attacks.
Energy Vortex: Burst of energy centered on you damage nearby creatures.
Ring of Blades: Blades surround you, damaging other creatures (1d6 damage +1/level).
Weapon of Energy: Weapon deals extra energy damage.
Flashburst: Flash of light dazzles and blinds creatures in area.
Mage Armor, Greater: Gives subject +6 armor bonus.
Shadow Binding: Ribbonlike shadows entangle creatures in 10-ft.-radius burst.
Daggerspell Stance: You gain +2 insight bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls if you make a full attack, SR 5 + caster level if you fight defensively, and DR 5/magic if you use the total defense action.

4th Level Life Mage Spells
Wrack: Renders creature helpless with pain.
Arc of Lightning: Line of electricity arcs between two creatures (1d6/level damage).
Indomitability: Subject can’t be reduced below 1 hp.
Summon Undead II: Summons undead to fight for you.
Sensory Deprivation: All of subject’s senses are blocked.
Forcewave: Bull rushes all creatures within 10 ft.
Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere: Force globe protects but traps one subject.
Energized Shield: Shield provides user resistance 10, shield bash deals +2d6 damage.
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PostSubject: Re: Class: Life Mage (3.5)   

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Class: Life Mage (3.5)
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