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 Beyond the Walls

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PostSubject: Beyond the Walls   Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:16 am

Birthing from the south-eastern slopes of the Great Breach mountains stands another formation known as The Walls. Given their name because of the shear cliff faces that jut out from the earth and the nearly impassible terrain, these great rock formations have given rise to some of the most creative and, sometimes hopeful and other times menacing, stories. Those that struggle to find peace and hope do so by believing the Wall holds behind it some paradise where they are free from persecution and death. However others say that the wall is nothing something meant to keep people out, but rather to keep something else in.

For miles outside of the Wall and spanning almost the entire distance, you can find small camps of people who have traveled from all over Vlos'Eairthil in search of Heaven; a place where all races and creeds are safe from the huntings of the Drow and their allies. A vast city called Moonhold sits on the eastern edge of the lands while unending fields stretch in all directions. Farmers and ranchers are never out of demand as the grains and cattle are just as prosperous as they used to be so many generations ago. There, the people have not been stammered by the constant need for survival and thus have been able to craft sublime works of art; sculpture, painting, textiles, and food are of the highest quality and are never in short supply. And there is no need for currency! Nobody takes anything for granted and understands what the situation is beyond their protective barriers, thus they live each moment to the fullest and share whatever they can. Each person has their place in the society and everyone is of equal status and importance.

On the other side of the stories though, lies the darker and more menacing tales. Most think that these were spread by the Drow themselves in order to keep the humans and elves from seeking out this fabled Heaven, though some take the warning with great heed and stay away from the Wall entirely. These stories tell of a great evil that sprung from the Underdark centuries ago and gave birth to all of the evil races; ogres, hobgoblins, gnolls, and even the Drow. The gods Moradin, Pelor, Ehlonna, Heironeous, and Cuthbert banned together to destroy this ancient evil. However they were not able to completely defeat the beast, so instead decided to lock it away where it could do no more harm. They chose the most desolate part of the world and constructed a giant wall that could contain the evil and not allow it's taint to spread. Some say that this dark power lays in wait behind the Wall until some senseless fool would trespass into the land and break the spell which holds it to these desolate parts.

Though these are just stories...
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Beyond the Walls
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